A Little Girl

December 13, 2009
By , Ben Lomond, CA
A little girl who has no where to go
Everyone who she thought was her friend or cared about her
all went away, before the bruises started to show
Tears building up all around her
Her body hurts more because daddy just had to go one more.

Poor little girl sits up at night counting the hits he took at her tonight
Wondering what did she do to deserve all of these tonight
1 for a lesson
2 for a warning
3 don’t do that I’m telling you now
4 that’s the beer talking
5 he’s supposed to stop now
6 that’s something new
7 that’s a new record, for now
Now that the bruises are starting to show
Who will find them now?

He makes her wear whatever he tells her too or it’ll start again
He does this so no one will know his secret
She can’t tell a soul
it’s not something she wants to share
It’s her secret now and to the grave
If she tells anyone it would just start all over again

Everyone now can see what a monster he really is. By making this little girl cover up all of her bruises, he left on her soft olive skin; she deserves much more then this

Now this poor little girl can be free, from the man that had once won now it’s her chance to be the little girl, which she was born to be.
Until she closes her eyes and can picture that crooked smile

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