December 13, 2009
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do you know what it is
not to have a father
who turns into a bull
with its natural instinct to see RED and automaticly protect.

do you know what it is
to never hear him say
"yo that my daughter".
to never hear those sweet words that warmthen my hart and fill me with joy.

do you know what it is
to never have a hug or a kiss
to never hear a "hi" or "hello".
to never see his face.

just the back of his head and the sound of "good bye" is what i esperienced when he left me and my mother.

do you know what it is to be the odlest of five and still be put in the back.
having to lack what i deserve the most...


these pains are my mother's struggle as she tries to raise me without my father.

as i grow older,
my biggest fears come to life.
im a young lady now and i finnaly realize,
i dont need a FATHER.

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