My Life in Technicolor

December 7, 2009
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Have you ever spilled your words before?
Like a precious pot of paint, the contents of your head are strewn across the table of life for the world to judge
Verbalizing your thoughts and fears into clusters of color, organized and categorized so perfectly in your mind… until you discover a leak has sprung,
And It’s all over.
Your mask slips for but a moment, your perfect façade dissolving as
the world stares in amazement.
They don’t really know you.
A whirlwind of color escapes your mouth,
your fingers
your pen;
Releasing the whirlwind of color cooped up for so long.
All the tints and tones that color the intricate labyrinth of your mind--
Ribbons of color,
Flowing as freely as water
onto your page,
into an ear,
through the void;
coloring the blackness...
pastel words that highlight
an otherwise black and white page.
Scribbles of Crayola on paper.
Let it flow
until a wave of catharisis rolls in with the next rainbow surge:
the tide of life.
Your personal painting of words in an otherwise black and white world.

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