Match Point

December 7, 2009
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Fifteen – Love, off his first serve
Add another ace to pick up the pace
Just two more and the match is done
Pressure’s mounting to over a ton
His family cheers up in the stands
Losing his racket grip off of his moist hands
He smashes down just one more serve
One more point will calm his nerves
He preps himself, bounces the ball twice
Doubts if it’s time for spin or slice
He pulls his racket back. He’s quite unsure.
His mind races, “will I stay on the tour?”
It’s the US open 2015
It’s what he’d always dream about, the perfect scene
His serve goes down, right into the net
He aggressively holds his face and rips off the sweat
For the next serve, he’s completely in the zone
Nobody’s on the court he’s all alone
The serve goes up, catching speed and it’s in.
There’s no return at all, it’s over it’s a win.

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