December 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I, Your Downfall.
And so we shall not see each other again in this life perhaps,
And maybe in the next you will glance the other way when we both walk the white marble streets of the next,
And perhaps we will be under the same moon,
The same sun,
The same sky,
And the same little teardrops of stars,
Glimmers of hopes to you,
Dulled mirrors reminding of a past long gone to me,
And perhaps we will both think of love and see each others faces,
Gently weeping you should erase mine in your mind,
But being old and nostalgic I think I would like to linger here in the dusty past where I don’t need to breathe and can still see your face a few moments longer,
Choking and coughing up as many other memories possible so there are more of them to store that are the ones of you,
Drowning in a cloud of dust in Heaven,
In reality Paradise is Hell,
To die only to rise again to relive the torture of departing over in a continuous cycle only life can end,
When you reach your hand,
Through the dusty screen,
White and pale like your galaxies and your stars,
Bring me but some comfort and throw my name out onto the withering wind of my heart,
Conduct the willows desperate finger too thin to help,
An with their aid Imbue with the colors and emotions and hues of your soul when it had merged with mine,
And send it away tied to the leg of a black pigeon,
Addressed to a wayward soul; my own,
With the aid of your tears on the lips of its beak,
And let me hold the letter of when time did not exist,
And keep you in it,
Before you plunge off the cliffs of Heaven.

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