Passionate Lullaby

December 7, 2009
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As i lie here, writing in this book
i gaze around me, where else can i look? i look at the walls with the pictures hanging just right
up at the ceiling with my stars shining so bright
i see the tv, with its decorations around
and my guitar with its strings tightly bound
i sit up, look straight ahead
i get a strangle feeling, deep inside my head
who do i see? what do i see? could that be me? why are these tears falling so uncontrollably?
i look deep inside, as so what i might find
i see a lonely, scared child in my mind
as i can figure the thoughts deep inside my soul
theres something wrong, my heart is not whole
what could it be? why is this so? where must i go?
No, i cant hide. my passion is too strong ive hid this inside for way too long
the feeling is getting worse as i turn weeps into tears
this is what ive hated, this is my worst fear
thinking about the one who was once so dear
i close my eyes, try to find a way to make this all disappear
there is no way i must end this sorrow
maybe it wont be here tomorrow
no time for hope, grace, or happiness
this is the end for all my sadness
if only god would have given him back for one more goodbye
i could have saved myself from this horrible lullaby.

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