December 17, 2009
Bullying wow where do i start?
When i think of bullying, i think of your heart
being crushed into a million of pieces,
Being bullied by the guys whose
friends always tease.

They make fun of the nerds because
they are smarter at life, they get good grades
and never get in fights.

Bullying is for people who are having
a hard time at life either there parents broke up
or they just don’t like the
people who tell them what to do thats what
life is about so they drop out of school.

Think about the kids who always get bullied,
suicidal thoughts telling there parents all these stories.
How they get pushed teased and hurt,
going to the councilors embarrassed
about how they

look and

dress and

come to school,

being bullied
from where they came from out of state is the usual.

I have been bullied an it really sucked, they hurt my
feelings so i told them to SHUT UP!

But they wouldn’t listen they always called me names,



almost all names.

I hated it, it hurt, but never suicidal thoughts,
just hated them and wanted just shut them up.

Bullying has effected my life, it taught me
how to treat others, and how to treat them right.

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