Here I am

December 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Here I am again, its late up and awake
Thinking of you, where you are, are you thinking of me,
are you sleeping, are you up too, is there anything I can do to make you see
that your right for me? Your smile makes me melt,
Your touch takes it all away, for that moment it’s just me and you
I’ll be here waiting for you, please I need you.
Look at me now, pathetic, laying here wishing for something that is impossible
How is it that my head knows but my heart still believes.
It must be love
Here I am, loving you. Waiting for you
I would wait a lifetime for you
would walk to the end for you
give the world away for you
empty my soul for you
But, here I am
I would ask why?
I would curse this hurt
I would scream until I can’t
I would cry
But instead I know I am alive
I would rather have given my love
than never have experienced it.
Does that make me naïve?
Maybe, but does it make me real?
Yes, I feel alive, I feel every breath
I can feel my heart hurting.
Have I come to terms, with this hurt
In just this writing?
I’m still going to be alone in the end.
But still I know I am alive.
Still I know at the end of this long night, I will see the sun
I will taste the morning air again
with or without you
Would this be easier if you knew
There I go regressing
back to where I started, pathetic, wanting you more than ever.
I want this ride to be over
up, down, spin, and flip
I hope I didn’t pay for this ride
Here I am
I need you, its just that simple
but its not that simple
If you were here, If you knew, If you could see…
If, if, if, if, why is that would so empty.
It never seems to work out, just kind of there as a filler.
Can I blame this on destiny, who can I blame for this,
Yeah it must be me, but how could I put myself through this.
I don’t think I’ll ever know
all I do know is I love you
My love will always be real and deep
Remember…”when you’d cry
I’d wipe away all of your tears,
when you’d scream I’d fight away all of your tears,
and you still have all of me”
You still have me.

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