Elementary My Dearest

December 16, 2009
By EricaJo PLATINUM, Lexington, Illinois
EricaJo PLATINUM, Lexington, Illinois
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We are all

Smears of chalk

On the blacktop

A place to hide

From girls’ secrets

And boys’ lies

Watch them drool

All over crusty mitts

Girls ruin rules

Of clubs and cliques

And general misfits

Shake their heads

Kick balls long lost

Keep company with crows

Rolling on the leaky roof

We dared them down

Dares of swapping spit

Are tossed to and fro

Too bad for epidemics

Drama in the four-square

Keeps friends frosty

For an hour or so

Best friends forever though

And ever, we will remember

The game that meant everything

While loners loitered

Like leaves under the tree

Count them, one, two, three

You are out

No, you are

We are all

Smears of chalk

On the blacktop

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