The First Night

December 16, 2009
By emilyxxxexploited BRONZE, Topping, Virginia
emilyxxxexploited BRONZE, Topping, Virginia
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She sits on her bed
Her face wet with tears
She’s wondering how long it’s going to be this way
They told her it was almost over
Told her only one last night
She doesn’t know if she can make it through
The things that brought her here
Suddenly aren’t worth the pain
Aren’t worth the loss of friends once close
But it did teach her something
It taught her who she can really trust
Who really loves her enough to be this tough
The nurse comes into her room
She’s sent to the counselor
It’s her final session
When she gets to the office she sits on the couch
The doctor calls her name
She looks up and begins to cry once more
This goodbye is the hardest one to make
She’s leaving her best friend
Her confidant
She talks of the future
She will buy a house
Have a family and start her career
The doctor is proud
She knows she’s getting better
She’s turning her life around
After the session she goes to dinner
All her new friends know it’s her last night
They tell her how they love her and wish her the best
She knows many of them will leave soon
And some of them won’t
They are too afraid to say goodbye
Dinner ends and she goes to her room
She begins to pack her things
Remembering each item before she puts it away
A note from her mother
A dried rose from her sister
A cd made by her closest friends
Each song represents a chapter in her life
Chapters that have ended
And some that are yet to begin
There are many more gifts
Things from good friends
And friends she didn’t even know she had
Soon she is too tired to stay awake
She goes to sleep one last time
Tomorrow she knows she will start over
It is the best sleep she’s had in months
She dreams of everything she knows is coming
Of hope and love
In the morning she wakes with a start
A knock on her door from a kind nurse
Come to tell her it’s time to go
She gets dressed and finishes packing
She wants this day to be perfect
Wants to prove she’s turning things around
She walks out to the waiting room and there they are
All her best friends coming to take her home
They plan on giving her the best day they can
After countless hugs and “I love you”’s
It’s time to leave
They walk out of that place one last time
The day is spent at all her favorite places
They go to the park, a museum, the best restaurant in town
The day ends at a concert of her favorite band
When she gets home they spend a while talking
They catch her up on everything she’s missed
She feels like she never left
It gets late and all but one leaves
He’s here for the night
To keep her on the ground
They get ready for bed and she begins to cry
He holds her and tells her how beautiful she is
How proud of her he is
She tells him she loves him and she’s glad he’s here
They fall asleep in each other’s arms
And she sleeps for the first night of her new life

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms.

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