Looking Into Your Prism

December 16, 2009
Walking through Trickum’s halls
I see every color reflected in a prism
Not the vibrant individual colors
But the fuzzy colors in between,
Growing up in a diverse environment
Has made me not see various shades of a person’s skin color,
Just like skin color
Materialistic things alone do not categorize a person
They describe a little about them,
Just like materialistic things
Gender should not define a person’s capabilities
What role does gender play…,
Just like gender
Handicaps are not who a person is
But enhances their individuality,
Just like handicaps
School does not always reflect a person’s true intelligence
It is a snap shot of their effort.

Older generations do not seem to recognize this,
Everyone is put into “gangs” based on external color
Whatever you have determines your worth as a person
Men are good at everything
While woman only at domestic work
Handicapped people have no abilities
Grade point averages place you on a pedestal.

Dreaming of the future,
Will not be the vibrant individual colors of your prism
But the fuzzy lines in between.

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