You said…

December 16, 2009
You are the nightmare in my head,
What haunts me is what you said,
You make me feel dead,
What kills me is what you said,

I am the nightmare in you head,
Because of what I said,
And I think I make you feel dead,
Because of what I said,

Now we can’t say anything,
We just awkwardly wave,
And walk in the other direction,
You can’t see it,
But I die a little inside when I see you,
I could be screaming at the top of my lungs,
But if I saw you, I’d stop, I’d just die,

I can see it,
You look like you die a little inside when you see me,
You could be smiling from ear to ear,
But if you see me, you stop, you just die.

I can see the pauses,
Sometimes we just look at each other,
Lost, confused…beyond hope,
Sad, depressed, you can see it,
We wear it obviously,
And now face to face,
The only thing we can do is wave,
Look away,
And frown when the other is some distance away.

And now we are both dead,
All because of what we said…

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