Not Worth It

December 16, 2009
By , Angola, IN
There is no place of safety in the End of the world
The stars are falling down,
The sky is swirled
On the ferris wheel we are twirled
As cries of cold fury resonate
And I've lost my voice, so I
Will simply follow you,
Along this dirt road to the shore
Where we watch the corpses float
Beneath the foamy water
And we wonder how we were
Unwarned and untouched as
The stars fall and the world
Is set afire
They scream and scream and
Call me a liar
But how do they think with this Wreckage?
I'm no longer smiling,
No longer joyous
Why are you crying?
It's not hurting me,
I'm not in pain
My love, why are you crying?
I am still here, though
I know my pulse slows
Look not here,
But to the blood-red moon
Not into the corpse-filled water or
At the blood-soaked sand
Is this really all my blood?
And still I feel it not
Why do you cry?
I am not worth your tears
My love, are you sure
That I was ever even real?
Look not here,
But to the blood-red moon
The stars are falling and
My voice is gone forever

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