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December 16, 2009
By tialitheapille SILVER, Syrcuase, New York
tialitheapille SILVER, Syrcuase, New York
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Why do people fall in love if love is blind
Why do they expect that love will give them what they cannot find
Why does love make us fall for he or she
Im not willing to fall unless they’re willing to catch me
Why does love make us hold on because it’s to heavy to hold alone
If you ask me love is so much more than those 3 words you exchange over the phone
People say that when your falling in love if you do it right you’ll never hit the ground
But how are we supposed to know if we’re right or wrong because love doesn’t make a sound
Love is strong and can be sometimes hard to handle
Love is supposed to last longer than the burn on a candle
Love has so many meanings and different ways of showing

(ain’t that something)
That we all fall for this thing we called loving

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