Black.ambiguous,self contradicting,and beautiful.

December 16, 2009
Black is the beginning of a new life.
Black is fear, danger, and pain.
And yet,
Black is relief, coolness, and sleep.
Black is everything.
Black is the domain of the unknown.
Black is like a coffin,
Cloaklike , smothering.
Black is the end of an old life.
And thus,
Black is Death.

Black is ambiguous
Black is specific.
Black reveals all.
Black reveals nothing.
Black holds all the secrets of the world.
Black knows all the terrible and wonderful
Things that happen within it
All too well.

Black is like an untamed wolf.
Nurturing and helpful at times
Yet always poised,
Always alert,
Always watching.

Black is smooth as a baby’s skin.
Black is sharp as splintered obsidian.
Black is as velvet as a daggers sheath.
Black is as silent as the depths beneath.

Black is the beginning.
Black is the end.
Black is ambiguous.
Black is specific.
Black is Life.
Black is Death.
Black was the beginning.
And Black will be the end.

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