Why does The World Hate Me So

December 16, 2009
By Jordan#13 SILVER, Mosca, Colorado
Jordan#13 SILVER, Mosca, Colorado
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I met a girl
I fell in love
In love with her name
I used to be a player
But for her I quit my game
I’ve made sacrifices
All for her
But she doesn’t know
She can’t know
Why does the world hate me so
Why does it make it so
I never see her
But ha world
It’s me who’s cheated you
Not you who’s cheated me
Because when I lay down at night
In my dreams
It’s her I see
But when I wake
It kills me see
Because I understand
We might never be
Why does the world hate me so
Why does it make sure I know
I love her
But leaves me ignorant
Of her feelings for me
Does she love me?
Does she not?
There was one day
A day we were together
Afterwards was I forgot?
The world’s heart is cold
It’s thirteen below
Why does the world hate me so
As she reads this
I wonder if she sees
That she in all her beauty
Is a tool
For the devil to use
To torture and abuse
Who other than me?
How could he bring her in my life
How could he be so kind
To give me a girl
Who’s more than a girl
She is better than perfect
She is above the best
But then I saw
The Devil’s evil plan
To give me a girl
So perfect I could grow
To love her in a day
And when the day was over
He shall pull her away
And while he mocks me
By making all my friends in love
He shall keep my love at bay
I knew the devil was evil
It’s in his name
But this game is more than that
It’s despicable and low
Why does the world hate me so
I wanna see her
I wanna hold her
I wanna kiss her
But she doesn’t know
Maybe today I’ll tell her
I’ll tell her the truth
I want you to love me
Like I love you
I’m all alone
I must confess
I love you girl
More than the rest
When the phone rings
My heart sings
Then is silent when it isn’t you
And I don’t like to wake up
Cuz when I sleep I see your face
And I wake up crying
When another takes your place
And when I can’t tell you
Is when I think you should know
Why does the world hate me so

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