Things That Make My Heart Break

December 16, 2009
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Butterflies: trapped in glass jars,
Smiles, sarcastic and scornful,
Lonely children, eyes without hopes,
Strangers, driven to self-destruction,
Are all part of your amusement --
Your gallery of heart breaking monuments.

But what makes me cry
Is the other side of the coin.
People: dreaming with open eyes,
Fairy Tales: believed and accepted,
Hearts, eager to be broken,
Happiness, waiting to be crushed.

The world is in pieces,
And my hope is shattered.
Pretty smiles and deceiving eyes,
Pining souls and unanswered cries,
Abandoned children with half-sung lullabies.
Your master piece being destroyed.

Take off those emerald glasses,
Take a step into reality.
Heart breakers are all around.
But what really crushes me,
Is believing selfish people who lie.
Selfish heartbreakers, just like you.

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