Hope is Shielded

December 15, 2009
Hope is shielded
Lost in the fog
Deluding is the game
She must play most

Wasted time
With ticking clocks
Waiting dreams
Leaving her behind

Only can she know
Facades are her deal
Despair is her path
Guilt breathes in her
Fear never eludes her

Only one such word
Can do the justice of her life
Complete and utter loneliness
Will never fail to trap her

All because
Hope is an illusion
Time is a game
Misery traps her
Faith escapes her

Smiling through the agony
Faking her way through the pain
Fighting to remember
What is was simply like before

Just use the muscles to produce the show
Laugh. Smile. Laugh.
Keep functioning kid
She must be doing fine

The constant rain of thoughts
The pouring down of fears
The shoved aside dreams
The free that all disappears

Just keeps deluding those
That she loves best
Hiding the abusive thoughts
Letting them sink right in
But she never fails
To keep the dementedness inside

She often wonders
If lies live forever
If deceit is always the best road
If protecting people
Will simple make the fall
That much harder

She wonders why they smile
Why they hold her up so well
But most of all
She always ponders
Where their basis for hope is secured

Concern and fear
Disappointment and hopelessness
They stare right through her
Until every question and answer
Are forced out of her

They tell her to stop
When she thinks all day
She cries and cries
Because she just can’t stop

How can she leave this world alone?
How can the questions all be dodged?
How can they forget the complete absurdity?
How can they block out the pain?

They tell her the cracks will make her strong
They tell her to keep on going
They tell her to keep climbing the mountains
They tell her way too much

Forever she will shine
In the eye of the stranger
Forever she will live freely
In the eye of the friend

So for now
She will just keep living
She will just keep hoping
And she will just keep faking
And she will try try try
To forget the day before
And she will try as she can
Not to think of the day ahead.

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