December 15, 2009
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Sometimes the sweetest of love
Comes from the little things you do.
Like the multiple kisses on my cheek
When you think I’m sleeping.
Or your fingers in my hair
When I lay on the sofa downstairs.
I’m forever appreciative.

It gets quite hard at times
For some to try and figure you out.
You are a magnificent puzzle,
And my admiration heightens
For each and every difficult piece
That makes you who you are.
I’m forever fascinated.

You hold the smile to brighten
A million and one of my darkest nights.
But your eyes give off a tired glow at times –
One which matches the dying embers
Of a once restless, stronger blaze.
With every exhausted tear you release,
I exude three.
I’m forever concerned.

I’m not the most perfect of daughters.
And trying to be that for you
Only gets me into more trouble occasionally.
It amazes me how forgiving you are with
With every one of my paths run off course.
You haven’t given up on me.
I’m forever grateful.

Only you possess such a soothing touch,
Or that natural scent that attracts me
To the skin and to the clothes you wear.
The beauty I find in you is somewhat indescribable,
Like trying to explain how water tastes.
The only word I can use is pure.
I’m forever amazed.

And you,
You’re forever loved.

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