Your Letter

December 15, 2009
By Naila Littell SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Naila Littell SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Dear You,

I found it today, that letter.
On my battered old bookshelf.
The tears that had been shed smeared the blue ink.

I found it today, that letter you wrote me,
the one where you said you never could have loved me,
The one that broke my heart.

I found that same old letter,
the one you handed to me on a rainy day,
Remember? The letter that broke my heart?
That one pargraph letter that had me screaming why?

I found your letter today, and you know what-I smiled. When I looked down upon that sad little letter, I laughed.

And I took a step out into the windy day, and let it go. I just thought you might like to know.



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