Makes The Pain Go Away

December 15, 2009
By , Baldwin Park, CA
The weight put on my shoulders
its breaking my back.
When you say those three words
you make me want to crack.
All the days went by

you wouldn't reply.
What I really wanted was to just die.

So I tried to forget
the day we met.
But the memories kept
wouldn't stop rolling.
There they stood
not letting me
forget what we had.

The day I fell
they couldn't tell.
My heart was sinking
into your spell.
You sliced it into
bits of emotions.

Suddenly it stopped,
as the hard cold blade
brushed along my wrist.
The sharp edges digging their way through.

Oh how the pain
The numbness of
my dripping soul scaring
it all away.

Perhaps you've learned
a lesson.
Not to go around
messing with tears.

Finally you see
exactly what I can be.
Not phys-co
but real.

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