just a dream...

December 15, 2009
I see my reflection against the crystal wall,all the hurt contained inside its prison.Suddenly your image appears,reaching your hand out to me,i feel mine move without any second thought.Slowly our palms press against the cold ice,I cry. You laugh,soft and calming.I whisper"Why?..." a simple grin is your only response then those eyes turn deathly cold "I just knew it wouldnt last..." shocked.silence.I cry,once more."No please..." you beg.The sorrow wont stop."No.." my anger rages out more than intended,then i feel you.Your lustful touch,fire.I see you,that entrancing,angelic face.Too much beauty.Your kiss,flaming desire,a rush of a passion,connection of two beings...Love. I jerk awake,still feeling you,all of it was just...a dream...

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