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December 15, 2009
By Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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The world breathes a silent whisper.
Day turns to a dulcet night,
The moon shines with perfect bliss,
and stars begin to dance... if only for a moment.

Why on this night did you decide
to turn the night into an eerie twilight?
Why would you make the stars vanish from sight?
Why did you hide the moon from me?
Why is my world gone?

You said you'd give it all to me, everything I can touch and see...
How come it's all fading away from me?
The gental hands that held my heart has now neglected its duty
and dropped it, shattering the smooth edges into millions of pieces.

You said you'd treasure and care for it like I did yours...
But you left it there, broken, and worthless...
Now out in the world that is still holding its breath,
I try to find someone who will mend it back together

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