The Invisible Girl

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Do they know of the sorrow behind her blue eyes
Do they see the pain underneath her pale skin
Did they know of the hurt they caused from their cruel remarks

Do they see the deep scars on her wrist
No one noticed the purple bruises on her arm
Nobody bothered to just be there and listen

No one knew of the pain she was in
In their eyes she was invisible
They never knew until it was too late

Regret is what they felt for never asking
For never being a friend
Now they will never know what could’ve have been

If only someone was there
Instead of treating her like a freak
Avoiding her like the plague

Maybe then she would still be here
The fear she bottled up might not be there
If only someone would care

The author's comments:
I wrote this one night when I was on the computer listening to music and i had word open for a project and so I thought what the heck lets use this depressing music and put it into a sad and depressing poem.

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