Mine, All Mine

December 15, 2009
By Emma Benschop BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Emma Benschop BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Should I have said?
Entrusted in you, a secret
That was apart of me.
A vile little demon,
Always perched in my breast.
I trusted you,
But I had lied.
Had I done wrong,
In thinking it was too much for me,
Too much to confess.
I am repulsed with myself,
And I entrusted in you,
A vile little secret
That was burned into me.

It was too much for me
I couldn’t handle it
So how could I think you could?
How could I know
How it would matter?
Words not said, held away
Stored in my coffers,
To be given in droplets.
Even I don’t open that coffer readily.
A secret of myself, better forgotten
I couldn’t handle it.
I couldn’t contain it.
Not a bird, to be sure.
A limp and shriveled thing
I caged it away,
And how could I let go?

The author's comments:
Haven't you ever had a secret? Hard to let go, aren't they?

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