What I Do And Do Not Do

December 15, 2009
It’s dark and quiet,
Can I run,
Should I run,
I want to run,
I want to run far away,
So very far away,
I never want to look back,
I never want to see this place again,
Never want to hear these voices again,
They think they know me,
These voices,
They do not,
How could they,
I do not know me,
So how could they,
They think I’m happy,
I’m not,
They see no tears when I’m sad,
That does not mean I do not hurt,
But they think I’m fine,
Solely because they see no tears,
But I tell you I hurt,
My eyes just don’t show it,
I hate it,
I hate it all,
I want to run,
I do not,
I do not run for the sake of the voices that think they know me,
The one they know me as they like,
And they would be sad if the person they see were to disappear,
I will not cause sorrow,
I will not bring it upon those that have already suffered,
Nor upon those who have yet to,
For I am not that way,
My heart shall simply cry for me,
And I shall stay.

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