December 15, 2009
Can't you taste the poison?
It's soaking on my tongue,
It's searing into my veins,
dispersing in my lungs.
I'm afraid to let you know.
These thoughts won't go away,
so they bleed onto this paper,
telling you what i always needed to say.
Unlike the empty words,
my drowning tears say nothing at all.
Like rain, they decend on the paper
as i watch them slowly fall.
You're like the cold, rainy day
that i hate, but still somehow love deep in my heart.
I'm not sure how i can say that
when everyday you are tearing me apart.
I hate dealing with my hearts
unwilling obsession
because i know that my heart will always be on your list of easily earned posessions.
Just know that i need you more than life, and without you i will die, but you don't care enough about me to suck out the poison and let us stay alive.

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