It's called life

December 15, 2009
By Happy2lV3Hate GOLD, Gfa, Kentucky
Happy2lV3Hate GOLD, Gfa, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Im gone...dust in the wind. I smile down at these people.

Stop pretending, your just like me. You'll die one day or another.

The clouds swirl around innocence, I can’t figure out why
The sun is blue, as if it is crying under the clouds
Why can’t I understand what is going on
What is so confusing about this?
How the answer is heard..
It’s remembrance is what is confusing me
I can’t remember anymore...
The dark of the clouds surrounds me
I wake up..
It’s still the same..
It’s always the same..
It has a name
It’s called life,

Time passes......

It’s changed
I pass you in the street, you call my name
Why should I say high to you?
All you did was ridicule me for no reason
So I walk up to you and smile
‘You know, I’m a millionaire.’ I speak and I walk away, you shouting my name
I look back
A cold wind cuts between us
You watch me and step away
I’m still the same
You run off, still the same opinion of me
It’s called life.

Time passes...

The next generation arrives
I’m long gone
I’m watching from the clouds, sitting with the angels of the wind
The generation is different now
They understand the earth
The understand the people
They understand the animals
‘How different can you humans get?’
They’re not different, I am
I am a whole other race now
I’m with the sky
I laugh
It’s called life

The author's comments:
We all wonder about the future, we wonder about what will happen, we cry, fight, love, that's our inspiration

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