Experience? A lifetime.

December 15, 2009
emotionless; confused
how else can we start our journey?
but with nothing,
not to say we're without anything, just we have nothing.

happy; still confused
understanding isn't learned overnight.
many will never completely
learn, but the basics are eventually achieved.

happy still; small grasp
on the entire surroundings.
yet, naive
life can be taught, it never can be seen.

pain; incomplete
nevertheless, cannot be sad
ignorant? yes.
it is said, if known, that ignorance is bliss…

indirect; empathy?
blessed are those that
can't see.
at this point, life is carefree, but you see age working.

adverse; difficulty
no real effect on You, but seen
what is supposed
from everyday examples of everyone

psyche; estranged
things are blown out of
in a vain pursuit of what is age.

silly; still young
problems are… psychological
fake, really
façade for normality and for greater purpose.

realize; 'waste'
previous problems pale in
age truly sets in, reality is uncompromising.

so from there you live.
none can say if you lived previously, you might have.
age ends up becoming your friend more than your enemy.
experience? possibly, but time isn't mourning.
time just exists.

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