Winter Poems

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

In Winter

In winter, I take out my warm boots.
My favorite flip flops stay hidden in the back
of my closet. I don’t like to see them when
it’s cold outside.

I make hot coffee every morning. I sit on
my couch and look out the window.
The sun is gone. All I see is gray.
Light gray when it’s overcast.
Dark gray when it’s raining.
There is no color outside my house.

Bright green towels in the bathroom
Yellow soap holder on the counter
Bold orange paint on my bedroom walls
Happy colors, sun colors, life colors
My house is out of place in the weather.

In winter, I don’t wear bright colors.
Blue jeans, gray shirts, white socks. I
fade in the winter. I disintegrate in the snow.

Calm Before the Storm

Humidity before the storm
I taste the rain on my tongue
Feel it in the air when I open the window
It’s only October, but I think of the holidays
Back home, this was the extent of winter
Back home, everything worked fine

I go outside to bring the cat in
She’s not in her usual spot, so I go back inside
On the way it, the first drop falls
It lands on my eyelid and I jump
It’s been a long time since I felt unexpected contact
I close the door and light a candle
I sigh when the lilac smell overwhelms the smoke of the match

I turn around and see the cat
She was on the bed the whole time, but I didn’t notice before
She’s been watching me
I’m uncomfortable with her facial expression
A cat shouldn’t pity its owner

I light a few more candles around the room
Storms here are worse than back home
It’s safe to assume the power will go out

Washington, D.C.

Despite your general disapproval of the existence of winter, you were relieved
when the storm broke. You didn’t see it as a reflection
of yourself at the time. You were just grateful to have been presented
with such a perfect excuse.

Of course, your fellow Californians would understand your sudden
and irrational fear of lightning. No one questioned you further
when you mumbled the word in response to their question.
They left you alone, watching your own tears race the raindrops
down the window, while your best friend sat silently next to you.

The author's comments:
Dear Teen Ink:

I am submitting a collection of three poems to your website I think my poems would go well among the rest of your submissions because I write about topics similar to those discussed by other teenagers.

The first poem, entitled “In Winter,” is about my general experience with the season. As an avid lover of summer, I mourn its passing every year, and this poem speaks to the empty feeling left in its wake. The second poem, entitled “Calm Before the Storm,” is a fictitious poem also about winter. In it, I explore a character who finds herself alone in a new home, getting ready to endure a storm, both literal and potentially figurative, bigger than any she underwent at her home. The last poem, entitled “Washington, D.C.,” is about my experience, similar to that in “Calm Before the Storm,” on my class trip to the capital in junior high school.

I am submitting to your website to explore my interest in writing. As a high school student who is interested in pursuing writing as more than a hobby, I am interested to find out how my work is interpreted and perceived by eyes other than mine.

Veronica Y.

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