Can't I Be Enough?

December 18, 2009
By , St.Peters, MO
He pushes me to drink
And more.
And more.
It tastes like puke,
or did I just throw up?

“That’s okay baby, want another”?

I can’t see straight
and I feel like I’m tipping over.
I’ll just lie here for a second or two,
Wait where are my clothes,
I’m lying here—
cold, shivering, naked.
I just wanted you to like me,
can’t I just be enough
It’s all over
silence surrounds me,
and I’m lying here, alone.
I can’t find my phone
and I don’t know where I am.
This basement is freezing
and this stringy, dirty, green blanket
just isn’t doing it.
What happened to me?

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