An Accident

December 5, 2009
A sing-song bird, chirping at your window.
It’s piercing whistle,
a wake up call.

head draws out on the pillow.
Feet on the cold wood,
a walking zombie.

Step 1,
step 2,
56 more ‘till you fall.
It was a late night.

“Do you see that?!”
You don’t want to remember.

Face plastered to the porcelain,
wash away the memory.
Too bad it’s buried under your skin.

“Get up!”
“Did we do that?”
“C’mon, get up!”
Panic rising,
bile in his throat.
That’s right,
it was you.

Into the tub you go,
the water runs red.
It knows your sins.

Lay down,
hiding under the surface.
This can’t be happening.

“We gotta go!”
You never bothered to check.
“We can’t stay here!”
“We can’t leave him!”
The water turns salty,
crying won’t help you now.

Out of the suds,
into the mirror.
The face of a stranger,
staring you back.

“Oh my God...”
“Is he-”
You left him,
washed away his blood.
It was you.

“We need to call the police!”
“Give me the shovel.”
“Is he breathing?”
“It’s all over now.”

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