December 4, 2009
By ljd33 SILVER, X, North Carolina
ljd33 SILVER, X, North Carolina
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Can you explain wrestling other than sweaty?
It’s a dirty sport. It’s a muscle burning, bone crunching, body bursting, dirty sport.
With ruthless tactics, no regrets.
When you’re up on that mat,
you can’t think about anything- except, of course,
what you’re doing next. It’s like any sport where if you hesitate or second-guess yourself, you’ve lost-It’s a dirty sport.
Hands fighting for inside control, annoying warnings for stalling, just want this match to end
It’s like any other sport, just no one gives it credit.
Wrestling creates a man out of a wuss.
It’s a dirty sport.
Everyone is stretching and getting ready for the upcoming matches.
You’re up first and stress starts to grow. Just remember what you did in practice.
Muscle burning. Bone crunching. Body bursting. Dirty sport.
Shoot, double leg take down, climb the “tree.”
Get him to his back!
Muscle burning.
Get him to his back!
Bone crunching.
Half nelson,
get him to his back!
Body bursting.
Dirty sport.

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