Sleep in the Moonlight

November 24, 2009
It's getting a little crowded in here,
My mind is spinning,
Insanity takes hold,
My rage never becomes old.

They say those who,
Sleep in the moonlight,
Loose their minds,
To the seed of madness,
Which becomes their binds.

Spinning in circles,
Not knowing where to turn,
I am lost!
Lost, lost, lost,
And no one will ever find me.

Rage is boiling beneath,
My skin,
Bubbling, burning,
Screaming to be let out from,
This torture.

My heart beats fast,
My breath comes quickly,
My mind goes blank,
And I pull the trigger.

Now my soul spins,
In the,
Lake of Souls,
Worse than Hell,
Better than maddness.

And I will spin forever,
In the sleepy moonlight,
Lake of Souls,
And never be welcomed,
To Paradise.

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Fallenrose said...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 8:46 am
its very cool to write a poem about the cirque du freak series and i haven't read all of them but this poem makes me want to finish reading the series
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