Broken Hearts and Crazy Dreams

November 23, 2009
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Broken hearts and crazy dreams.
He tries to explain, but she turns away and screams.
Her heart starts beating way too fast.
She lies there crying, hoping the feeling won't last.
He says it's all his fault, but he loves her very much.
He tries to hug her but she's disgusted by his touch.
She screams into her pillow not knowing what to do.
He lifts her chin, looks in her eyes, and says, "I love you.'
She's nothing but a sucker, he always makes her smile.
But she just makes him think their relationship is worthwhile.
He always treated her well, and fulfilled every need.
He was addicted to many things, crack, week, and speed.
She loves him, she looked past it, she wants him to stop.
He's the bad guy here, she always comes out on top.
He picks her up, tells her he loves her and they get in the car.
She's known that he's lied, and cheated, so he didn't get far.
She whispers in his ear, she's hiding something too.
He pulls over the car, she calmly says, "I love you."
She slowly gets out, getting ready to run.
I cheated too, with your brother, man it was fun.

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