Missing Image

November 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Not seeing the one important person day to day
Feeling like you don’t care
Showing me and my brothers and sisters that you don’t love us
Never calling e-mail write visitations
Deserting the most precious gifts God can give the world……your children
Never seeing our first step
Never sharing a birthday
Not being able to see us grow up
Making horrible decisions because I felt alone with no image of you around
The lies you told to me once I found you
Making put the blame on the wrong person
Making me think it’s ok to lie and hide and cheat and deceive people that I love
Your loss in my life affected me more than once
As a young girl not realizing how guys are
Letting guys take advantage of me
Letting guys play me
See how u treated my mom
The image of you tore me apart
Seeing you is like seeing all the bad I have done in my life
Tears of knowing and feeling like you don’t love me
Stress and actions making become the opposite of who I am
Growing up seeing myself getting like you
Abusive, dishonest, untrustworthy, a thief
Because of you you’re my worst enemy your way in not being here for me
Changed how I see life and view myself I told myself I would never get like you but Look
I’m just like u dad
Dad you’re my missing image
You caused my pain
You’re the source of my evilness
There is no turning back
Changing is hard
Changing is a difficult task
Changing is like throwing a piece of my away
For my life sake it has to be done
DAD only if you weren’t a Missing Image

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