to my alcoholic father

November 15, 2009
By , ravenna, OH
Dad, now it is my turn to talk an your turn to listen
It seem just like yesterday
You were a big part of me
Now we can’t talk like used to, like I wish we could
Instead you would rather grab a beer, instead of play with your daughter

Is this what has wilted down to a beer
This is the reason why I don’t trust you this is why I never trusted you
All because you don’t know how to say no how to stop
How many are you going to have?
3 or more
You didn’t no when to stop
It was like you were trying to escape from me
I have told you how much I hated it
And you don’t know when to stop even for me
I have one last thing to say to you
How could you
Beat me
Beat my mother
Was that even you, or was that a monster in you
One little piece of advice
Hurry before it’s too late
Hurry before I’m gone
Before you’ve lost me forever
O, that’s too late now
You’re dead
And I hold mo regret for you killing your self
The only regret is you died so soon

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