im only.

November 14, 2009
By Anonymous

im only seventeen.
i shouldnt be hatinq my teen years.
i shouldnt have depressions like this,
i shouldnt have this empty feelinq.
i shouldnt feel like theres no point of me beinq here.
i shouldnt feel like my own family hates me & thinks im a screw up.
i shouldnt feel like everythinq i do is the wronq thinq.
im only seventeen.
i should be enjoyinq my teen years.
i should be happy & feel complete inside.
i should feel like theres somethinq out there for me.
i should feel a families warmth & love, feel like there proud of me.
i should qet a positive reaction on the thinqs i want to do.
im only seventeen, i shouldnt feel like this.

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