Needing a place to call home

November 13, 2009
By , Monticello, IN
Screaming and shouting
Loud slams and rants are all that is heard
Chest is aching
Can't catch a breath
Things just seem to get worse
Do they see they're hurting more then just them
Breaking apart everyone
Hiding in here
Shaking and not being able to say a word
Being torn with each screaming phrase
To bits and pieces
Not being seen or heard
Can't they see this girl is breaking
They're tearing her apart
And not showing any concern
The pain is breakin her apart
Little by little she grows closer to the edge
Things keep getting worse
But no signs of getting better
People tell her this will make her stronger
But she just feels like she grows weaker
Never has this pain been this bad
And everything just grows worse
So much making her grow toward the edge
The thoughts of death dwell on her more and more
Maybe that would be better then suffering through this
Too scared to end everything
She suffers the pain each and every day
Losing sanity a day at a time
Music and tears can't block out the screams
Nothing can ease the pain
Nothing to soften each blow
She keeps searching for that escape
A way to avoid some pain
A way to try to heal
Escape for just a little bit
To a peacful place
A place she can call home
A place that is warm and loving
A place to feel safe
She shouldn't have to worry
Or be scared to come home from school
Or upset when her father gets home
She should't have to predict the fights
Or prepare for them each night
She should be able to be happy
And not suffer so much
She just hopes every night
She has the strength
To make it through
The next painful day

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