It's Just Not...

November 3, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s not that she didn’t smile every time she heard her phone ring and saw you were calling.
It’s not that she didn’t butterflies in her stomach every time you walked by.
It’s not that she didn’t love it when you held her tight and promised to never let go.
And it’s not that she didn’t trust you.
It’s not that she didn’t love it when you flashed that adorable smile of yours
It’s not that she didn’t love how your hands fit perfectly inside one another.
It’s not that she didn’t love it when you talked until morning and whispered you loved her.
And it’s not like she didn’t love you back.
It’s just that one broken heart was enough for her.
Too many of her nights had been wasted lying awake, worried about the day she’d loose you.
Too many of her tears had been cried for her to even care anymore.
Too much time was spent shedding blood from her wrists releasing her intolerance.
Too much pain had just caused her to give up.
Too much of her heart was given away for her to ever love anyone that much again.
And the sad thing is, you will never know how much you hurt her.
Or maybe, you just don’t care.
It’s just not fair.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my breakup..

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