She left

November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

She left me for a small amount of crack . Opened her legs and pushed me out. Didn't say a word. She named me Tanya Thomas, her little sick baby, that was me! Almost dying cause I couldn't breathe, eat,do nothing on my own.
She got her crack ,but never returned for me. Now who would take a sick little girl like me , No one. Actually someone did take the little sick me. A woman whom today I still call mom,changed name. New and better me.
A woman who was caring took me in. My brother Henry,we'll meet again in time. Even though we were striped from eachother it was for the best. Cause what could a 17 year old do with a new born. huh nothing.
But now I am changed,re-named,and living. No more tubes,hospital visits ,nothing. I'm free from everything.
I'am Arielle ,not the crack baby. Even though you left me I still will look for you. You were my mother,but now your nothing to me.
Explain why you left,why the drugs,why?? Can you tell me? But I guess you cant, you'll come up with these lame behind excuses. But it's alright,i'm okay,i ain tgonna be like you!

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