Not Always beatiful

November 1, 2009
By , fairfax, VA
Im falling over my words trying to find the rights ones to say I’m f***ed up on a night where I lost the fight to suppress pain I’m nothing but a lie on any given day so I won’t blame you if you choose not to stay our time already came and went we were just a moment to late useless like a cigarette without a flame in need of bleach to remove these stains now there’s no one left just shadows in there place of regrets I wish you were here I wish I was someone else but I’m just a sin washed soul with no place to call home in need of a rescue boat but there are no safety lights in this dark ocean of lost hope love can’t always be beautiful but sometimes a hateful crime and I’m sick of being the one who has to drop dimes can you understand the ramble of a sickened mind or was this was just a waste of time

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