She Finally Gave Up...

November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

She sat here,
Curled up in his hoodie,
She cried with no end in site,
She always tried,
To show him she was perfect,
She was OK,
But he was done,
He gave up on the one,
Who wouldn't give up on him,
She had tried to stop,
For him,
For them,
But finally she gave up too,
She cried and cried,
But soon she got tired,
She was done,
She was through with the tears,
The fear,
The thought of nothing,
The nightmares,
The screaming,
The fights,
The long endless nights,
She sat curled up on the floor,
In his hoodie,
In her tears,
Her memory of them,
Of what 'They' use to be,
Beside her his picture,
Covered in blood,
Cause she gave up on the one,
Who gave up on her,
Her last hope of living this horrid life,
Was gone,
She was done with it all,
So she ended it,
With no less pain then before,
She bled,
But this time,
She bled more.

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