The Last Time I Kissed You

October 30, 2009
By Anonymous

The thought was atrocious
Sinking its ravaging teeth deep into tender flesh
I watched with fascination as it devoured
My life

I gallantly pursued the enemy
No, not to fight my love
But to give in.
I was done with any disclosure

The thought withdrew its teeth
Kissed my lightly across my skin
I shivered gently under the breath

And in traitorous fascination,
I left you darling
I committed treason against my body and soul

The enemy is wretched
Gnawing at my gut
But I remain enclosed
So safe
In its entrenching grip
So wonderfully far away from you

The author's comments:
this is kinda about my fight with anorexia/bulimia.
i want to get out but..cant.

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