Desire's Consequence

October 30, 2009
By Anonymous

What am I to do
With this great burden
I have brought upon myself
What's done is done
It can't be changed
Of my actions
I am so ashamed
We are too young
Too nieve
To give life from our own
To have this great responsibility
Upon our shoulders carried
Just a mistake in the
Desires full of sin
Is all that took place
I thought I was ready,
But I wasn't
So much was taken
Then so much given back
More than able to take
Forced to keep
Against our will
A lifelong reminder'
Though,close to our hearts
And part of us
What happened,happened
We have only ourselves
To blame
Let's make the best of our circumstances
Of our mistakes
We can bare it
God will give us great challenges
In many different ways
In our desires full of sin

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