October 28, 2009
By , Calhoun, GA
She dripped the pearls past the fragile dip
Between her breasts and onto the concave of her stomach,
The shadows of the bamboo plant quietly wavering
Against the headboard of the iron and ivory bed.
She wove the strands among her fingers, ran them along
The smoothed edge of her white silk pajamas.
Her quiet heartbeat hid from behind a mother cascade of auburn waves.
The shiny eggs dripped and spilled off the side of
Her skin; falling angels from heaven. The sun played with
Rainbows on the mocked surface of the eyelet lace bedspread;
White orchids' softened whispers drifted down from
Their perch on the canopy bar above.
Old English roses, soured a pale pink, turned lazy circles
in time with the wind, a sweet tango that
Ebbed and flowed,
Breathed and sighed with the gusts.
The plastic pill bottle lay alone on the hardwood floor,
Filled to the cap with tiny, glittering 20 milligram jewels.
There was her escape, her final sigh of serenity, the ending bow
And handshake to a production she had never truly wished to be a part of.
This was her grab at a happy ending; her stolen peace could
Finally be recovered. Just open the bottle and watch the
Sweet, sugared goodbye kisses float out to the
Masses- I loved you darling, you meant the world to me;
Don't forget to pray for me in purgatory.
But the white orchids whispered soft warnings, beckoned silken Remembrance
Of honeysuckle- sweet memories, recollections waving high
Among clouds in the sunshine.
The roses at the window nodded their heavy heads away
From the floor, away from vicious, alluring escape. The cut lilac
And moonstone lined up on the white sill trailed golden glitter around the room,
Painted mosaics of fluid happiness in the air. And she contemplated all of it-
The fragrant wisps of magic and memories like trails of firework smoke
In the sky. She reminisced on the candied, pleasant times
In her life and held the memories like souls- softly, carefully in her hands,
Candles with fast- fading flames. And then she reached down, grabbed
The bottle of pills in her cold hand, and pulled the covers up over her head.
I think I'll go to sleep now.

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