No More Little Girl

October 28, 2009
By brittanyroxursox SILVER, Clemmons, North Carolina
brittanyroxursox SILVER, Clemmons, North Carolina
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The night air
is filled with sobs.
uncontrollable sobs.
Those screams,
cries for comfort,
are coming from her,
the little girl in the corner.
She's scared,
He hit her,
hit her hard.
She's screaming,
because he keeps on.
He won't stop.
she becomes numb.
No more pain,
no more feeling,
just numbness.
She stops crying,
and he stops beating her.
"I'm sorry,"
he said,
kneeling down next to her.
She knew
what he was doing,
trying to be nice,
regain her trust.
"You deserved it,
She summoned up
the little courage she had,
and fought back.
She slapped,
she kicked,
she even bit.
you little brat!"
he yelled.
He picked her up,
and threw her,
against the wall.
That's the last thing
she remebered,
the searing pain.
The impact hurt,
she didn't even have time
to cry in pain.
He killed her,
that little girl in the corner.
There are no more sobs,
no more tears,
no more little girl.

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