Falling Smile

October 28, 2009
That fragile little smile,
so hard to put on her face,
breaks, crumbles.
her smile falls,
tears well,
and wind a path
down her gaunt, bony cheeks.
Her knees buckle,
she falls.
Laying on the ground,
her breaking heart,
she screams,
a tiny, quiet, little scream.
No one can hear her,
except the boy
standing above her.
"I'm sorry,"
he clamly whispers.
"You'll never see
me again.
You never have to
remember me."
He walks away,
leaving the grieving girl.
Her quiet sobs
fill the night air,
until her heart breaks.
She lies there,
still, silent, and cold,
until dawn breaks.
Her mother finds her,
in the damp grass,
covered in the morning dew.
Her mother,
starts to weep.
She sinks to her knees,
clasps her daughters hand.
She no longer
feels the familiar warmth,
no longer
hears her contagious laugh.
The officers
tear her away,
tell her they're sorry,
but it doesnt help.
It never will.
and now he has to live
that he killed her.

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