The Fear of Me

October 23, 2009
By Hero2Ibro SILVER, Triangle, Virginia
Hero2Ibro SILVER, Triangle, Virginia
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Satan spoke through the one that is me but wasn't me
this night I dare dream opf her death,
of each and every strugglingh breath that fills my hollowness.
The consumption of a soul.
You chose to die by me, so I let my hands free to the desire;
my laugh would crack and burn under the eternal fire.
My eyes scream liar!
My voice echoes with the walls to form malevolent music that will cause Saints to cry.
God, I ask you to smite my life, because of him I killed her and every time it felt right.
Tonight bulidings will crash, relationships will shatter and bridges will burn.
Through Satan's eyes I see the darkness upon the hearth, and though the tears weld,
of them sympathy has no birth.
The curse...I sip from the chalice of madness.
And in the mirror me who isn't me smiles with callousness.
Me who isnt me I regret the strength you recieved,
I've sinned and sinned thinking of the death that was to be.
The death of me who isnt me, when we separate I will call you he,
and at odds we will watch heaven split into 3, 1 place for you and 2 for me.
For now your rage flows through me like the Sun's rays,
for eons that were once days, I've sat in a great tree's shade.
Just evading, escaping your reach but not the fear,
I'm scared..inside me, I'm lurking somewhere.

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