Heart Beat

October 19, 2009
By , littleton, CO
Everything is black
I feel people looking;
but not seeing
Then the first few lights:
neon greens and blues
A beat begins
It pulses through me
In my blood
and up my veins
Then all the lights
flicker on
in time
with the first big note
I let the music take me
First it's small
and then it grows
inside me
Like a rose
spreading its brilliant red petals
for the first time
My eyes are open
but I'm lost
in the music;
the beat
I don't see the crowd
but they see me
I can't hear the roar of their cheers
just the rhythmic flow of the music
I can't smell their drinks or breath
Just my sweat
as I move faster
Excitement floods through me
and pours out in movement
And before i knew it
it's over
I stop
So does the beat
My excitement leaks the last drop
My sweat clings to me
I inhale the stench
The rhythm is gone
replaced by loud cheers and chants
The crowd can't see me
but I can see them
No beat-
no music
I close my eyes
Begging for it to come back
My rose petals close
knowing it will not be the last
The music
is still in my blood
and small
The music still owns me
and i don't regret it
With every beat of my heart
a new beat begins
inside me
I look
and I do not see
Everyone's gone
Everything is black

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